Get cookin’

I might as well use this amazing kitchen, right? I started off by treating myself to my 1st cast iron skillet. And made pancakes from a recipe in Homemade with Love. (Linden and I made the baking mix the night before; she’s a good scooper.) Since I had leftover buttermilk, we had pancakes the next morning as well. That night I told Linden I had to make dinner. “You gonna make pancakes, Mama?” So, my daughter thinks I can cook one thing (she’s not too far off, if I’m being honest).

photo 1

Today I decided it was time to try a real meal. Something new. Thai chicken curry from my Williams-Sonoma cookbook (wedding present from my Aunt Susan & Uncle Terry). I swung by the grocery store on the way home. Got all but one of my ingredients. Where the hell do they hide fish sauce? Oh, right there where the shelves are empty. Are you kidding me?! This kind of crap is why I hate cooking. I grabbed some fish stock that I later came across with the hope it would suffice. I get home. I get over-excited about starting and get going before I’ve measured or chopped. Really, Sharyn? Thank goodness for my hubby-as-sous-chef, who opened cans of broth and coconut milk, trimmed green beans, etc. And then as I scooped dinner over the rice. “What are the green onions and basil for?” Crap, everything back into the skillet. Add onions and basil. Simmer. Re-dish. De-lish. Taking leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

photo 2

The loo

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Kitchen after (aka THE BIG REVEAL)

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Kitchen & bath before

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A wooden roller coaster

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Pining for home

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Marathon 4th of July

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5 weeks down & counting

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